In October last, The Indie List put out a call to the freelance community to generate some thought-provoking ideas to encourage people to support Irish businesses, given the woedgeous year that they’ve had.


A number of our indies kindly rose to the challenge including Tanya Grimson, Luke O’Reilly, Karl Toomey, Kevin McKay, Eoin Tierney, John Martin, Rory Millar, Alan McCafferty and Jack Healy. Another indie, Bill Hollingsworth, even went to the trouble of setting up a new website, ‘Shopfront Ireland’ to showcase Irish online retailers who were shuttered during the lockdown.


#BuyIrishOnline is another great example of the power of the freelance collective and independent creativity. Thanks to everyone for their work and support.

“Bar Code” (Creatives: Eoin Muiris Tierney & Kevin McKay)


‘Not Amazon’ (Creatives: Luke O’Reilly & Karl Toomey)


‘Instagram Series’ (Creative: Tanya Grimson)


‘Christmas Cursor’ (Creative: John Martin)


‘Protect Irish Retail Jobs’ (Creative: Rory Millar)


“Logo-Jacking Campaign” (Creatives: Jack Healy & Alan McCafferty)





Shopfront Ireland(Creative: Bill Hollingsworth)