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Over the past few years, we have hosted a broad and insightful range of informal advice, learning and networking sessions for members of our community. Topics have ranged from ‘making the most of your billable time’ to minimising your tax bill’.

Take a look through our gallery of talks with notable national and international freelancing experts.

4 steps to help you win your next 3 clients with Lizzie Davey of Freelance Magic

“Create your own website for less than €100” with Kris Byers of Horrible Brands

How to pay less Tax as a Freelancer in 2023 with Jimmy Sheehan of ContractingPlus

The Indie List Freelance Survey 2023 results with Peter McPartlin

Making Yourself Priceless as a Freelancer” with Jane Devitt and Kate O’Moore

Sarah Duran: Be the boss of your own time

Gary Brown: Gaining and retaining clients

John Younger: What freelancers need to do to market themselves better

Allen Kiernan and Gary Brown: Getting hired by agencies and getting your worth

How to pay less Tax as a Freelancer in 2023 with Jimmy Sheehan of ContractingPlus

Helen Dibble: Sexy Secrets that make people buy you

Matthew Mottola and John Ashton: Growing your freelance business

News & Views

Want to learn more? 

Whether it’s music, a new language, or some other leisure interest, do you want to learn more, upskill, or just get expert tuition on your passions or hobbies?

As part of our partnership with Contracting PLUS, Ireland’s leading advisors for contractors and freelancers, you can access hundreds of great online videos and mini-courses on a wide variety of business-related topics, skills, and personal interests. These come as part of an annual subscription to Contracting PLUS and includes an extensive range of savings on health insurance, business indemnity insurance as well as extremely useful advice on tax and accountancy.

Take a look at the full package available exclusively to Indie List community members here.

The Freelance Business Book – Your Roadmap to Freelance Success

The demand for great talent means there has rarely been a better time to look at how you can expand your business as a freelancer or consultant.

The Freelance Business eBook presents a collection of advice and insight from over 150 experts, conveniently compiled by the Freelance Business Community. It covers the following topics on business growth:

  • How to scale your freelance business.
  • How to create a secure business and get clients.
  • How to build a seven-figure freelance business.
  • How to expand your brand into international markets.
  • How to achieve multiple streams of income for creatives.

And the good news is that it costs nothing – no sneaky Ts & Cs, no delivery charges, no ‘buy-1-get-1-free’! To receive your copy, all you have to do is to email and we’ll send it to you.

Our Mission

To help skilled freelancers in the Irish marketing and creative sectors to earn, learn and connect, and to provide clients and agencies with easy access to on-demand talent.