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Hire eCommerce Strategists on the Indie List

The Role and Responsibilities of an eCommerce Strategist

Reaching the right customers is an essential component to increase a company’s revenue. Companies that sell online are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach their target market. A freelance eCommerce strategist works with businesses that have an eCommerce presence or within an agency to help their clients increase their online sales and grow their businesses.

Here are the common roles and responsibilities of an eCommerce strategist:

  • Implementing strategies that help boost a company’s online transactions
  • Monitoring changes in product sales and creating strategies for products that are not performing well
  • Updating and editing product content on eCommerce websites 
  • Examine product categories and listings to ensure the information is correct and appealing to customers
  • Assisting the content creation, sales, and design teams to provide updated and appealing content across all eCommerce platforms
  • Develop an understanding of SEO best practices for eCommerce platforms so your site can be found
  • Use their knowledge of the eCommerce space, including pricing policies and media assets, to help the company sell products online 
  • Assisting companies with competitive strategies and innovative product development to keep up with competitors
  • Researching industry trends and applying them to eCommerce strategies to improve product sales

How an eCommerce Strategist Can Benefit Your Business 

Online stores are not easy to develop and maintain,  nor is developing a loyal customer base. It takes a lot of time and expertise to monitor sales and target customers. If your team doesn’t have the internal resources for this, hiring a freelance eCommerce strategist is the best choice for your business. Freelance eCommerce strategists are specialists in their field. They will monitor a company’s online sales, review their business analytics, and create expert strategies to boost online sales.

An eCommerce strategy is too important to be trusted with inexperienced teams. Hiring new staff, however, can be a daunting and time-consuming task. When you hire a freelance eCommerce strategist from The Indie List, we handle the recruitment process for you. Our team will search our freelance candidate list to ensure you find the perfect match for your business.

Why Hire a Freelance eCommerce Strategist From the Indie List

Why Hire a Freelance eCommerce Strategist From the Indie List

When you hire a freelance eCommerce strategist from The Indie List, you receive the following benefits:

  • An experienced team that will match potential freelance experts to the requirements that your company is looking for
  • A list of three experienced and skilled freelance eCommerce strategists for you to choose from
  • The opportunity to speak to the freelance eCommerce strategist before you select the best fit for the job 
  • An expert freelancer to assist you whenever you require it
  • A simple application process that takes less than five minutes

How It Works

Simply fill out our quick client brief or contact us to discuss your unique requirements. We will help you find a freelance eCommerce strategist based on your brief. Our team has already interviewed freelancers to ensure they are experienced and skilled eCommerce experts. Once we choose three freelancers for you, you’ll have an opportunity to speak to them and choose the one who’s the best fit for the job. After discussing payment and job details, your freelancer will be ready to start work. They will send their invoices to our team, and we will send them to you for payment. 

Contact us to hire freelance eCommerce strategists or fill out a brief on our website, today!