Stay ahead of the competition by hiring freelance marketing managers from The Indie List. We help companies find a freelancer to support their marketing team and oversee areas where they have a talent gap. Our freelance marketing managers can help grow your business by evaluating your current marketing strategies, driving traffic, help raise  brand awareness etc. 

There is no need to interview and meet several freelancers or do background checks. Our team takes care of everything for you. The Indie List team comprises marketing professionals who have decades of experience in the Irish market. We understand the challenges that businesses face when looking for qualified freelance marketing managers. We make the selection process easier so you can focus on running your business. 

Speak to our team to find the best freelance marketing manager for your business.

Hire Marketing Managers from The Indie List

The Role and Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager

Businesses need to constantly create, update, and monitor their marketing strategies to keep up with competitors and promote their brands. It can be difficult to create and evaluate marketing campaigns on multiple platforms or increase brand awareness, engagement and ultimately sales if you don’t have the right resources. 

A freelance marketing manager works with businesses to help companies create and oversee strategic marketing plans. They can for instance help businesses increase brand awareness and relevance by assisting them with their marketing research efforts and helping them coordinate marketing activities across a variety of channels etc.  

The role and responsibilities of freelance marketing managers are broad but can include: 

  • Creating (or assisting with the creation of) marketing strategies across different channels.
  • Overseeing the marketing of a company’s brand across various channels to ensure that they are in line with the company’s business objectives.
  • Analysing marketing data to determine the best market opportunities, customer prospects and then ensure that marketing investment pays off.
  • Partnering with a company’s agency team to improve a company’s marketing strategy and communications.
  • Identifying new markets, products, or services that can boost a company’s growth.
  • Keeping up with industry trends and developments in the market.
  • Conducting market and pricing research to ensure that businesses are charging a competitive price for their product or service.

How a Marketing Manager Can Benefit Your Business

It’s not easy for businesses to market their brand in a competitive market. They often lack the internal talent to ensure their marketing is targeting the right audience and helping them to build their brand. Companies also don’t have the time to analyse and monitor marketing campaigns. 

If you require someone with expert marketing knowledge to help your business, you need a freelance marketing manager. They have years of experience and the skills required to help businesses to promote their brand and achieve their goals.  

You won’t have to worry about looking for new staff or training your existing team. A freelance marketing manager will help you market your company while putting less pressure on the rest of your team. 

Other advantages of working with a freelance marketing manager include: 

  • Unlike an internal team member, a freelance consultant comes with an unbiased point of view. They will identify blind spots that are holding your business back and help you discover new marketing opportunities.
  • Freelancers work on a project-to-project basis, so you’ll have expert advice on hand as you need it.
  • As experts in their field, you won’t just receive general advice on your marketing. They will provide useful advice and recommendations specifically tailored to your business objectives.
  • Your business will have affordable marketing strategies and advice to tackle any financial challenges it may be facing.
Why Hire a Freelance Marketing Manager from The Indie List

Why Hire a Freelance Marketing Manager from The Indie List

The Indie List provides businesses with easy access to experienced freelance marketing managers. You can hire a freelancer quickly and easily by relying on our team of professionals. 

Here are some benefits of hiring The Indie List:

  • You have the flexibility to hire a marketing manager for a project or on a long-term basis.
  • Impartial advice from our professional team.
  • Competitive rates.
  • You have a choice of up to three experienced and skilled freelance professionals; ultimately, the final decision is up to you.
  • We match your project and company with freelancers that have real experience relevant to what you are looking for.
  • We encourage parties to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your business if sensitive information or data is shared.

How It Works

Simply fill out a client brief, which takes less than five minutes. Or contact us to discuss the requirements you need. We will search our database for the right match for your business. Our team will choose some of the best freelancer marketing managers for your business. You will get to meet them and decide which freelancer you want to hire. Work begins only when you’re happy and have discussed all the project details with your freelancer.

Give our team a call or fill out a client brief to hire freelance marketing managers!