Do you need professional help with your User Experience/User Interface? 

UI/UX Designers work closely with business owners or their marketing teams to create excellent web designs. A freelance User Experience/User Interface design expert can help your website to work more efficiently to bring in more customers, clients, and deliver better overall conversions for your business. 

Looking for an expert in UI/UX is not quick or simple! A freelancer needs to have specific User Experience/User Interface skills and experience. The Indie List is here to make the recruitment process a lot easier. We do this by giving you access to a talented pool of professional freelancers who specialise in UI/UX. 

Add the best professionals to your development team, without the recruitment stress by hiring our UI/UX freelancers!

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The Role and Responsibilities of UI/UX Designers

UI/UX teams include a UI developer and UX designer. Each plays an essential role, especially in a website/app development team. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities they take on:

UI freelancers:

  • UI developers test if page layouts, page designs, and target links are effective in bringing in customers or clients to a website
  • UI freelancers work with the user experience design to ensure a seamless browsing experience for any website
  • They help to create digital software that helps users to navigate through the website
  • They turn design concepts into a reality for a company and ensure that their customers have an easy and simple user experience
  • UI freelancers are responsible for all visual aspects of a program, performance and functionality

UX freelancers:

  • They create a UX design strategy for a website/app, including visual and graphic designs, site maps, flow diagrams, and other website features to build a brand’s image and visibility 
  • A UX designer develops tools that help websites function effectively
  • They work closely with the marketing team to analyse customers’ digital marketing activities
  • They help businesses to create new designs ideas to convert leads into sales

Hiring new staff to handle UI/UX projects and roles may be difficult but here’s where freelancers come to the rescue. The Indie List gives you an opportunity to hire a freelancer to handle all of your UI/UX responsibilities. Here are some ways they can help your business:

UI_UX Designer

How UI/UX Designers Can Benefit Your Business

Nobody likes to scroll through a boring website. If your website doesn’t grab your clients’ attention or work effectively, you can lose leads. Freelance UI developers and UX designers can help you to make your website or app more appealing to your clients. They create user-friendly applications and websites with good layouts. The results? Your clients will enjoy navigating through your website on their phone or laptop and will be able to easily contact you for queries or to hire your services. 

Looking for UX designers and UI developers isn’t simple. You need to make sure they have the qualifications and experience to handle your digital platforms. It is a time-consuming process to hire new staff. If you have to create multiple websites for clients, your team probably won’t have the time, resources, or possibly the expertise to handle each website – you’re going to need someone to step in quickly.

A freelance UI developer or UX designer can be called whenever you need to help you to maintain the functionality of each website. You won’t have to wait on multiple interviews or wait for a notice period as freelancers are ready to start work ASAP.

Why Hire a UI/UX Consultant or Freelancer From The Indie List

  • You will have easy access to highly experienced freelancers
  • We provide a cost-effective platform to hire talent that your business needs
  • We do all the hard work – we’ll handle all the background checks and make sure freelancers are qualified to handle any job you need
  • Your business can hire freelancers for as long as you need, depending on your business needs
  • We ensure our freelancers have verified client references
  • Freelancers will sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect business-sensitive information or data from being shared

How It Works

Simply fill in a client brief form which takes about 5 minutes to complete. If you have questions or specific projects, you can arrange a call with us to discuss your requirements in more detail. We will match your project with freelancers from our talent pool of thousands of potential candidates. You will get to chat with them before the work begins and once you’re happy to engage, your project can begin!

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