Client FAQ’s

What type of people can The Indie List provide for my business?

Our Indie Listers have a tried and tested track record of hands-on experience from working with enterprises of all types within the marketing services sector. We’re not talking about juniors here. The average level of freelance experience is six years on top of at least 10 years agency or client-side work.

Can I hire people for full-time roles using The Indie List?

Yes. Quite a large percentage of our community are looking for permanent roles and to date, we’ve managed to place many exceptional people that have been off the radar of traditional recruiters.

How can I be sure that I’ll get the right talent working on my project?

Each member of our community has been pre-screened for their skills and experience on previous projects and come with verified client references. The beauty of The Indie List offering is that we have strength in breadth and depth across our talent base. Once we have agreed on the basic objectives of what you want to achieve, we will then match your project with freelancers that have real experience relevant to the task at hand. You will get to meet them before the work begins. When you’re happy to engage, then and only then, does the project begin.

How can I be sure that my project and related information will be treated in confidence?

Once a client has agreed and signed off on the project brief with one of our Indie Listers, we encourage both parties to sign a non-disclosure agreement that will protect any business-sensitive information or data that is shared with them.

What do you charge?

We charge a €300 search fee to find a relevant shortlist of qualified candidates for the role or project. If we don’t find anyone, there is no charge. When a client selects a suitable candidate, a budget for their input will be agreed upon, plus a mark-up of 15% for the Indie List service.

How will I know what the total outlay will be?

Nobody likes nasty surprises at the billing stage, so the extent of the work and an agreed budget for the project should be prepared in advance and signed off by you as the client and by the freelancer. This will itemise the cost of the freelancer engaged for the work, and our fees. These will be invoiced by us at the end of the month and must be paid within 14 days from receipt.

Will I own all of the original work, creative and otherwise, that is produced for the project?

All intellectual property rights remain with The Indie List until payment has been received in full, after which the rights transfer to you as the commissioning client. Exceptions here might include where development software/licensing is already in place, and such items as image and font rights, etc, existing with third parties.

Can I talk to someone in person about my requirements rather than filling out the briefing form?

Of course. If you’d like to arrange a call to discuss your requirements in more detail, email Peter or Úna and we’ll arrange a suitable time to call you.

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