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We are Ireland’s largest community of freelance talent within the marketing communications and related services sectors.

The ‘network effect’ of having hundreds of independent professionals with us now means that we have become a primary source of temporary and full-time hires for communications agencies, marketing departments and many other enterprises.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Freelancer FAQ’s

How do I join The Indie List?

It’s simple – just click on the link on this page to register on our database. There’s no red tape, no membership fee, and no pre-approval. We will need you to take a few minutes to provide us with the required details on your areas of expertise, skillsets, previous experience, and so on.

Can clients or agencies see my information?

No. Unlike other freelance websites, we do not freely share any information on our Indie Listers. Limited profile information is shared when a genuine brief is received and assessed by us. Our database is protected and GDPR compliant.

When will I hear about possible work?

While we have found work for hundreds of our Indie Listers there is no guarantee we will find a project or placement for you. Client briefs ultimately determine the type of freelance talent that is hired. The more relevant information you provide us with at the registration stage, however, will help us place you as a potential candidate for inclusion on a shortlist to clients.

How do people get on a shortlist?

We discuss every brief in person with a client to understand exactly the type of freelancer they need, when they need them and approximately how much they want to spend. We then use the information freelancers provided at the registration stage to develop a longlist that we believe can satisfy the brief. We talk to the most suitable candidates to check their information and availability in more detail and arrive at a shortlist of usually no more than three candidates that we then share with the client.

Who selects the appointed freelancer?

The client. We provide them with all of the necessary information, and they will decide who they want to meet with and discuss the range of work. Once that is agreed – along with the freelancer fee – we then issue to the client a contract that details this as well as the terms of business associated for all parties.

Who looks after billing and payment of my fees?

We look after all billing to clients on your behalf. We need freelancers to send us their detailed invoices on the last day of each month so that we can bill the client on time. Client payments are currently running at 30+ days after receipt of invoice, but we have now requested that all invoices are settled by clients within two weeks following receipt so we can pay freelancers more promptly usually within 5 working days of us being paid.

Does The Indie List take a commission from my freelance fee?

Yes – in order to fund the development of The Indie List and to provide additional support services to all of our community, we charge a 5% commission on all new client work that we find for freelancers. 

What other benefits are available to your members?

Our mission is to help freelancers earn, learn, and connect. As well as generating contracts worth over €1m per annum for our freelancers, we also provide regular advice sessions to our community on topics such as pricing, minimising tax, and marketing. We have recently formed a partnership to offer excellent accountancy services along with professional indemnity insurance and health insurance. Our members also have access to 100s of online learning courses as well as discounts on popular retailers and service providers.

What else can I do to increase my chance of getting work through The Indie List?

Keep your profile information current on our freelancer management platform. You should have your personal login that will enable you to do this. It always helps to keep in touch to make us aware of your availability, new skills, and new projects completed. This will enable us to know your suitability for briefs that appear daily.

How to Complete Your Freelance Profile?

When signing up for The Indie List, you must complete every section of our registration form. Each question is designed to collect the most relevant information that will enable us to find you amongst the many people who have already joined up. The basic requirements are your contact details, primary and secondary talent category, your skillset, previous work experience and your hourly and daily rates in euro. Just as importantly, however, we need references from previous employers or clients, your interest in full-time employment as well as an up-to-date CV with a photo of yourself.

We strongly recommend that you upload several examples of your work, particularly if you are offering creative services. Finally, providing a link to your website (rather than just straightforward links to your work on sites like Behance and YouTube) has now become a basic requirement for most professional freelancers. From looking at your website, clients get a strong sense of what you can do.

If you have any questions about completing your profile, please email

Refer a Friend

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Our Mission

To help skilled freelancers in the Irish marketing and creative sectors to earn, learn and connect, and to provide clients and agencies with easy access to on-demand talent.