Financial Management for Freelancers

Like many of us, you’ve probably just managed to get through those dreaded month-end Revenue or VAT returns, considered a pension contribution (or not), and then tried to figure out your Property Tax bill. And that’s before you did the billing and accounting of your client work. Believe us, we feel your pain!

A special service to take the pain out of accounting

In an effort to assist, and as part of our service to freelancers, The Indie List has teamed with a fellow freelance professional, Shane Dolan of SDCO Accountants, to help take away these regular pain points for freelancers. As your Virtual Finance Officer, Shane can help provide cover in all of the fundamental finance areas in line with your business needs and at a level your business can afford.

You get the relief of being able to hand over the responsibility of managing the finance function to a trusted professional so that you can concentrate on what you’re good at and growing your business.

The benefits that this special Indie List service offers are:

  • You have an expert looking after all your taxes and finances.
  • You pay as little tax as possible, but everything is above board.
  • You don’t have to deal with Revenue.
  • You have cloud software for automating your invoicing and paperless receipt capture.
  • All your paperwork is in the cloud, so you never have to keep another paper receipt.
  • You get regular check-ins to talk through your queries.

A seriously good deal

With an all-in package price from just €100 per month, we think this is a small investment that will not only save you precious time but will pay you back before you know it.

If you’d like to hear more about how this service can help, please email and we’ll arrange a one-to-one chat with Shane.