Save on your Health, Home & Car Insurance with this exclusive Indie List offer!

We all need insurance because we want to make sure we’re covered for that calamitous event – from the car crash to a flooded kitchen, burst pipe or fire. But some insurance companies offer more.

So to help members of The Indie List ease the annual cost of car and home insurance, we have agreed a special preferential discount with one of Ireland’s leading insurers, .

All their Car Insurance policies include breakdown assist as standard – 24 hours a day. They will come to you even outside your front door or in the wilds of Ireland.  Handy for when you have a flat tyre or battery. They will provide 1 hour free labour at the roadside. If they cannot fix the car, they will then tow your car to the nearest repairer or a garage of your choice whichever is closer.

They also have KeyCare on their Comprehensive Car Insurance – that’s cover for your keys should they be lost or stolen. If this happens, and your keys aren’t found, they’ll come out and cut you a new key and change all the locks on your bunch of keys once you have the ‘’ keyfob on your key ring, up to a value of €1,500.

The home Insurance covers you for the cost of renting another property should your house become uninhabitable after a claim, up to 10% of building costs. And they automatically up your cover by 10% for Christmas and for your wedding. Just let them know when you’re getting married!

Car Insurance made simple have made things a bit easier for you when understanding the best Car Insurance deal. With them, you get a simple at-a-glance overview of what you get when you choose a Comprehensive Plan or a Basic (Third Party, Fire & Theft) plan.

Check out the various plans here and then contact Una Herlihy and we’ll get you that nice Indie List bonus discount.

Home Insurance made simple

Memories. Momentos. The music you love. Your photos. The devices that important for your work and the family. These are the things that make a house a home. It’s all important. Super important. know that. So… it makes sense to protect it. And should the worst happen, they include Home Rescue as standard for owner-occupiers so you get help for a home emergency when you need it.

There is also up to 30% no claims bonus discount available for 3 years or more claims-free.

Check out the details here and then contact Una Herlihy and we’ll get you that nice Indie List bonus discount.