Hello Fellow freelancer…

If you have come this far it’s because Niall recommended that you should!

So let me get to the point.

Who are we? Well, we are The Indie List.  We (Una and Peter) set up the Indie List in July 2020 with an ambition to create more work for freelancers and give more choice to Clients.

For a business that was set up almost by accident, we are pretty astounded on almost every level in terms of how successful it has been.  For us it’s quite simple.  We want to engage with high quality, talented freelancers, who are great at what they do, add value, do no harm, etc. etc. and match them with a Client who has a problem to be fixed.

In our first year of trading we used to joke and say “we are building the plane in midflight”.  This seat of the pants approach was a little mad but it really helped us work out who we are, what we do and what do we do next to grow the business.

Our industry focus is in marketing and communications but we now want to apply our model to the work of tech talent.

So what does this mean for you?

  • We put you in danger of getting increased access to new projects and Clients
  • We try to take some of the pain away from billing and being paid.  We bill the Client and pay you once we are paid.
  • We work hard to keep the community aspect of our service alive and create value by giving access to regular learning and social events.
  • Access to professional services expertise
  • Totally private platform
  • Free to freelancers

If you’re convinced and want to sign up you can do so here.

Highlight the languages, framewors, databases, tools, and methodologies you are most proficient in and would like to apply in your next job. You can add up to 10 skills. i.e. Express.js, Javascript, Node.js, React, TypeScript, AWS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL