Why Use Freelancers?

Demand for freelance talent is growing and there are five key reasons why:

High Performance

Hiring skilled, quality talent that you may not be able to attract, afford or need on a permanent basis.


Hiring ‘on demand’ experts for just the amount of cost and time required.

Saving Time

Accessing vetted talent in days or weeks rather than months to attract, select, and on-board full-timers.

Lower Risk

Working through sources such as The Indie List highlights vetted freelancers and their transparent qualifications.

Strategic Hiring

Using experts in a variety of fields for a specified time, on extended projects or as an interim professional.

Why Use The Indie List?

Finding the right talent to plug gaps in your current team, especially at short notice, is frustrating and time-consuming. The Indie List team will help remove the irritation out of talent searching for you. It’s our combination of experience and thorough understanding of the marketing services sector that makes our offering so valuable and unified.

The breadth and depth of our talent pool.

A wide range of talent to match your budget.

A flexible, cost-efficient model.

Our excellent success rate in finding the right people.

Offering personal and impartial advice.

Irish-owned and supporting the local economy.

Things That Matter To Us

Being creatively minded

We strongly believe that the application of intelligence and creativity is still the best way to give organisations an unfair advantage in an age of clutter and noise.

Supporting freelancers

The marketing industry is experiencing unprecedented change and disruption. We are committed to protecting and sustaining the freelance sector as the industry comes under greater pressure.

Rewarding fairly and on time

Freelancers have their livelihoods to protect and bills to pay. We believe that their work should be paid for properly and promptly.

Being effective and dependable

People’s time is invaluable. We seek to match experienced, resourceful and motivated talent with serious clients. No messers, prima donnas or blowhards need apply.

Ensuring that it works for everyone

We are learning as we grow. Whenever problems arise, we will be open and honest with both our talent and our clients. We will listen hard to feedback and act quickly to resolve any issues.

Keeping things simple

We might be prone to use jargon and acronyms as much as the next marketing ‘guru’, but we’ll always strive to be clear and straightforward in our communication with our talent and our clients.

Aiming high

We aim to nourish the ambitions of our talent base and encourage clients to take the road less travelled in their approach to hiring great freelance candidates.

Helping out and giving back

We will always aim to be true to the social spirit and ethos of The Indie List initiative and our community by helping causes that we are passionate about.

Having some fun along the way

We collectively work in one of the most stimulating, exciting and entertaining sectors in Ireland. It may not be rocket science but if you can’t enjoy being part of it then maybe you should reconsider your career choices.

This is Us

Image of Una's face.

Úna Herlihy


With 30 years experience gained in advertising and marketing for creative agencies and as a self-employed marketing consultant, Una’s passion lies in creating the conditions for high performing teams to deliver real business outcomes.
Having worked in some of the leading Irish agencies facilitating a continuous cycle of ideation and creation for some of the world’s biggest brands, she set up her consultancy in 2005 to help client and agency teams create strong and high performing relationships.

Together with her former agency colleague Peter McPartlin, Úna established The Indie List in July 2020 as an initiative to help find sustainable work for freelance marketing talent during the Covid-19 pandemic. She holds qualifications from UCD and the Dublin Institute of Technology, she is a board member of AsIAm and lives in Kilkenny with her husband and three children.

Image of Peter's face.

Peter McPartlin


Peter has worked with some of Ireland’s largest agencies and media companies on campaigns for many of the country’s best-known brands. His work has received a variety of accolades, including three All Ireland Marketing Gold awards and two IAPI AdFX awards.

Peter was CEO of Today FM and led the station to become ‘National Station of the Year’. As well as consulting with several media bodies, Peter is a non-executive chairman of the digital media platform, BuyMedia. In early 2020, Peter joined Úna to develop The Indie List as the Irish hub for a broader range of marketing talent.

Image of Amanda's face.

Amanda Morey

Community Manager

I spent 35 years working in the Advertising Industry in South Africa – 25 of those at FCB South Africa. I have worked in various roles: print production manager, running the DTP department, traffic, finance reporting and staff training including running the FCB Yearly Internship program, and was a member of the FCB Manco Board. In July 2019, I said goodbye to my family, friends and advertising career in South Africa. I hate goodbyes so I rather say hello, hello to my new adventure in Ireland.

Working with The Indie List since September 2021, I have met so many brilliant freelancers, helped Una and Peter to match them up for great opportunities and made many new friends along the way. I believe when we remember who we are, live in truth, and acknowledge that life is a gift, we fully become ourselves.

Our Mission

To help skilled freelancers in the marketing, creative & digital sectors to earn, learn and connect, and to provide clients and agencies with easy access to the right talent.