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Hire Communication Planners on The Indie List

Communication planners are essential in the marketing industry. They help your business to connect with the public and build your brand. Finding a professional communication planner is quicker and easier with The Indie List. We provide our clients in the marketing world a platform to access hundreds of freelancers for their business. Hire a freelance communication planner to help you improve your communication and brand strategies.

Hire a Communications Manager

The Role and Responsibilities of Communication Planners

A communication planner can include a range of roles including a channel planner, communications coordinator, public relations specialist, or even a social media media specialist. The main responsibilities of a communication planner include:

  • Managing the company’s communication with multiple audiences, across various platforms
  • Working with communication teams to help the company during the marketing and public relation of important events
  • Ensuring a company effectively communicates with clients at all times
  • Helping a company to maintain a good brand image and reputation
  • Ensuring that all forms of communication including social media channels represent the company’s vision and mission at all times.

How Can a Communication Planner Help Your Business?

Hiring a freelance communication planner can help your business in many ways. Effective communication with your clients and customers is essential to help your business to keep a good image and to market your brand. Communication planners come with a handful of skills to help your business communication including social media marketing, web content management, traditional media, public relations and strategic planning.

Hiring a freelancer shortens the time it takes to recruit and screen through applications to find a communication planner for your business. Freelancers have a range of skills and can start work quicker, saving you time and money looking for the right candidate.

Hire a Communications Planner

Why Hire a Communication Planners from The Indie List

If you need a communication planner right now, our freelance platform is the quickest and easiest way to find the talent you need. You don’t have to screen through applicants or do multiple interviews. We will do this all for you. We have a combination of experience and understanding of the communication sector so we can provide you with expert advice to make sure you find the right communication planner for your business.

How It Works

All you have to do is fill out our simple client brief and let us know what you are looking for in a candidate. We will shortlist our talent and connect you with a number of account managers that are available and who meet your requirements. Once you are happy with your freelancer, we will send an agreement to the freelancer reflecting the work you need to be done and the fees they will be paid. Once the freelancer sends us an invoice, you will pay us within 14 days and then we will pay them for you.

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