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Designers play a key role in the marketing of any business. They have a creative mind that helps businesses to create visuals that build and promote their brand. Whether you need a freelance designer for your digital product design or a marketing project, we can find you someone with complete knowledge of every aspect of design.

The Indie List has a wide range of talent and can help you find the freelance designer you need quickly.

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The Role and Responsibilities of a Designer

  • Producing visuals for the company that are eye-catching, consistent, and fit the company’s brand image
  • Working with a wide range of web design tools to create examples of design concepts and illustrations for the company and sending them to the company for approval
  • Reviewing the final layout of a creative project and providing edits where needed
  • Sharing creative ideas for the company for their product design and marketing visuals
  • Communicating with the creative team members to keep them up-to-date on projects and to provide them with creative ideas and advice where needed
  • Staying up to date with design trends in the industry sector to ensure that businesses are always one step ahead of their competitors

A freelance designer can help you to fill all of these roles and responsibilities. Here’s why you should consider hiring a freelance designer to help your business:

How a Designer Can Benefit Your Agency

Visuals are the first impression of any business. It helps companies to target their audience, promote products and services, gain leads, and stand out from their competitors. Whether you need to work on the visual representation of your brand or your client’s brands, a freelance designer helps to grab the attention of the potential customer. They ensure that all of the company’s branding is consistent.

If your creative designs are inconsistent or sloppy, your business can suffer. Your brand won’t attract customers or build their confidence in your brand. Your clients will not be impressed with the work you provide if you provide them with poor graphics and visuals.

Hiring a freelance designer will ensure all branding, from your social media ads to your website images are designed to be consistent and appeal to your customers. A freelance designer has the professional design skills and knowledge of the industry to impress your customers and clients.

Designer working on sketches

Why Hire a Designer as a freelancer from The Indie List

Recruiting permanent staff requires an investment of time and money. You may only want a designer for a specific project, or a few hours a day, or maybe you just don’t have the resources to take on permanent staff right now. Hiring a freelance designer will provide your company with the skills you need, without having to break your budget or invest an age on the recruitment process.

At The Indie List, we screen candidates from our pool of freelance designers to ensure you receive the best candidate for the job. Instead of wasting a lot of time and energy to find the right person, our easy and quick process will find you the right designer in a matter of a few days.  

How It Works

How It WorksWhen you fill out our brief (in under five minutes) or give us a call, we will match your requirements to our talent pool of freelance designers. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything as we do the screening of applicants for you. Once we find the right freelance designer for your business, we will give you a chance to meet with the freelancer.

If you are happy, we will arrange an agreement for the period that you need the freelancer, the agreed fees, and the responsibilities of all parties. Your freelance designer will then be ready to help your business!

Hire us to find skilled freelance designers for your business, today!

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