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Looking for an expert marketing consultant for your business? A freelance marketing consultant (or business transformation consultant) helps companies and agencies to create the best strategies to reach their target audience. It can be difficult to deliver real marketing expertise if you don’t have the talent in-house. As a leader for freelance marketing talent, The Indie List can help you to find an expert freelance marketing consultant to help you reach your marketing goals. Our team makes hiring a freelancer easier with our simple online process. We provide companies and brands with the flexibility to hire marketing consultants on either a project or long-term basis. Simply tell us what you need help with, and we’ll do the rest!

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The Role and Responsibilities of a Marketing Consultant

A freelance marketing consultant works as an external consultant to market and promote a company. They also work with agencies to help them implement marketing strategies for their clients. Here are a few important, roles and responsibilities of a freelance marketing consultant:

  • They study a company’s business objectives and target customers to identify marketing goals and help create marketing strategies to achieve these goals
  • A marketing consultant will set up a process to monitor campaign results to ensure that a company is achieving its marketing goals and make adjustments to campaigns if and when needed
  • They will often prepare marketing reports based on campaign results and deliver presentations based on these results
  • A marketing consultant will regularly research industry trends and opportunities that will help to attract new customers
  • They can work with strategists and creative people to choose the best methods of communication for a company to help them gain new customers or leads

Hiring a freelance marketing consultant is a great alternative you can make for your business, especially if you don’t have the expertise to perform these duties and responsibilities in-house. Training staff can take a long time, as they will have to learn the expertise that an experienced freelance marketing consultant already has. Our freelance marketing consultants come with years of experience and are ready to start work whenever you need them!

How a Marketing Consultant Can Benefit Your Agency

Hiring a freelance marketing consultant can provide a lot of benefits for a business, including:

  • As professionals in their field, a freelance marketing consultant will help clients and companies understand their real market opportunity and the actions needed to take advantage of it
  • A freelance marketing consultant will identify if marketing campaigns are effective and offer guidance on how to improve them
  • They will identify the best communication channels to target an audience, both online and offline
  • Freelance marketing consultants will organise marketing strategies and activities to ensure everyone is up-to-date on the marketing of the business and its brands
  • Need to find marketing consultants but don’t know where to begin? The Indie List is here to help. Here’s why you should hire us:
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Why Hire a Marketing Consultant Freelancer from The Indie List

  • We can provide you with access to experienced freelance marketing consultants. Each freelancer is vetted by our team to ensure they have the experience and knowledge your company is looking for
  • Our team works fast. We will find you a freelance marketing consultant within a few days, in most cases
  • You get to choose the candidate you hire. We will identify a selection of suitable freelance marketing consultants but you decide who is the best match for your company
  • Our quick application process takes less than five minutes, or you can call us if you have any specific requirements you are looking for

How It Works

Tell us about the freelance marketing consultant (or project) that you need help with by using our quick online form, or give us a call to discuss your requirements. We will help identify the most relevant and available freelance marketing consultants in our pool and contact you to advance the hiring process.

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