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Hire Project Managers on Indie List

Need Project Managers for your advertising agency or marketing team? Hire a experienced project manager on a freelance basis with The Indie List. Regardless of whether you have a marketing team or ad agency, we can help you find the perfect freelance project manager for your business.

Project Managing

The Role and Responsibilities of a Project Manager

  • Planning business marketing campaigns, ad campaigns and other marketing events and campaigns
  • Coordinating these business campaigns and marketing strategies to ensure there are sufficient resources available for projects
  • Ensuring effective time management
  • Estimating costs associated with projects and creating a budget for projects
  • Monitoring projects from start to finish and managing any risks that occur

How a Project Manager Can Benefit Your Business

  • Project Managers ensure your projects are properly executed and deadlines are met in time
  • It frees up time for your team who can focus on the work, rather than the coordination of projects
  • They will track budgets and ensure that everyone works within budgets
  • Project Managers ensure that collaboration takes place between all team members and that all resources are used to complete a project in time
  • They provide quality control of projects
Hire a project manager

Hiring a freelancer for your project management is much easier than starting the process to look for new staff. A freelance platform will help you to reduce the time and money you will spend on going through hundreds of candidates, doing multiple interviews or shortlists, and rehiring candidates every time staff leaves. A freelancer will be ready to work immediately and you can call on them for a temporary or permanent period, depending on your business needs.

Why Hire an Project Manager Freelancer from The Indie List

Not just anyone can do the job of a Project Manager. A Project Manager for marketing teams or a communications agency requires a specialised skill set and training needed to handle complicated projects. The Indie List uses a vetting  process to find you only the most experienced and professional freelancers during the hiring process. We make sure that our freelancers have the relevant background, educational requirements, and practical experience needed for the job. Our job is to hire the best person for your business to save you time and money.

How It Works

How It WorksReach out to us and fill out our simple brief letting us know more about the freelance project manager you are looking for. We will screen the right person from our large pool of candidates and help you to hire a freelance project manager. Once we find the perfect match for you, we will give you the opportunity to talk to the freelancer in person. If you are happy, we will work through an agreement between you and the freelancer. Payment is done through us (you have 14 days to pay us and we will pay the freelancer for you).

Contact us to hire experienced freelance Project Managers for your business or agency.

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