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Working in an agency can be stressful for communication teams. A media planner has to make sure your clients are using the best communication channels and targeting the right audience for their business. Media planners help brands and agencies by using their creative thinking and expert analysis skills to create brilliant media strategies. A freelance media planner will help by monitoring your client’s marketing campaigns and ensuring that they reach their target audience. It can be difficult to find the right media planning talent. The recruitment process can be time-consuming and often costly. Hiring a freelance media planner from The Indie List cuts down the time and costs of recruiting new staff. We take care of everything for you and help you to find the best freelance media planner.

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The Role and Responsibilities of a Media Planners

Freelance media planners work with a range of platforms to help your clients to market their brand and get seen by the right target audience. Here are some of their roles and responsibilities:

  • They create media plans and help to implement campaigns to promote a company across all media channels
  • Media planners work closely with the marketing or agency team and clients to match business objectives to the clients media strategy
  • Freelance media planners will research your audience to find out which are the right communication channels (traditional and/or digital media channels) to target their audience
  • They research a brand’s target audience, analyse their behaviour and create a media strategy based on the data they collect
  • Media planners help to make decisions on the best content your company should use to appeal to your target audience
  • They will have good contact with media owners such as tv, radio, print and digital media companies and they can help you to get the best price for your advertising campaigns

How Media Planners Can Benefit your Business

Are you communicating with your target audience but not seeing any engagement or leads? A brand cannot gain loyal clients or customers if you do not know how to reach them. It can be difficult if you don’t have the right talent in-house with the skills to reach your audience. Running and monitoring campaigns can be time-consuming and your team might not have the capacity to do this.

A freelance media planner knows how to reach your targeted audience. They are specialists with the tools and knowledge to develop plans on how to reach your target market. They will determine the correct place, and time to send messages to your audience. Unlike permanent staff, you won’t have to worry about media planning freelancers being overwhelmed with multiple tasks. They deal specifically with media and communication and will be ready on hand to help your agency as needed.

Freelancers can also be hired for a certain period so you don’t have to commit to them in the long term if you don’t require a full-time resource or you just need to fill a short-term gap.

    Why hire a freelance planner

    Why Hire a Freelance Media Planner from The Indie List

    When you hire The Indie List, we help you to find the best freelancer for your agency. Here are some benefits of using our services:

    • Top talent: Find skilled and quality talent that is flexible to help you out in the short term
    • Cost-effective: Hiring our freelancers ensures you receive on-demand experts whenever you need them for only the cost of the time you need them
    • Time-efficient: We vet our freelancers so they are ready to start within a few days or weeks, rather than a long recruitment processes

    How It Works

    All you have to do is fill out our simple client brief and let us know what you are looking for in a candidate. We will shortlist our talent and connect you with a number of account managers that are available and who meet your requirements. Once you are happy with your freelancer, we will send an agreement to the freelancer reflecting the work you need to be done and the fees they will be paid. Once the freelancer sends us an invoice, you will pay us within 14 days and then we will pay them for you.

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