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Art directors occupy a key role in the creative idea development process. They ensure your creative vision is captured perfectly. Depending on your needs you don’t have to spend time and money hiring new staff to handle your art direction. At The Indie List, we provide you with a selection of experienced and vetted freelance art directors for you to choose from. Whether you need a freelance art director for a specific short-term project or for longer-term projects, we will help you to find the ideal candidates for you.

Hire an Art Director

The Role and Responsibilities of Art Directors

Art directors play an important role in advertising creation process. Here are the roles and responsibilities they can take on.

  • Brainstorm ideas and create briefs for the team from these sessions
  • Providing creative ideas and feedback on ads, copy, social media marketing, and other marketing materials
  • Working with the client team to create a brand voice and look and ensuring these are used consistently throughout the various marketing campaigns
  • They will help oversee a creative project until it is complete
  • They can originate creative ideas and concepts which will help you grow your business

How a Freelance Art Director Can Benefit Your Business

Although art directors play an important role, you may not need a permanent art director. You may find that you only need them to oversee particularly important projects. If you find yourself needing the right talent for a short period or for a pre-defined project, it may be in your company’s best interest to hire a freelancer.  

Hiring a freelance art director will help your company on projects when needed. You will receive creative direction on projects and your company’s creative vision will be achieved within your budget.

Apart from the costs involved, finding the right creative talent for your company takes time. The recruitment process can be long and daunting. When you hire a freelance art director from The Indie List, we significantly reduce your time by taking care of the vetting of suitable and experienced freelance candidates.

Why hire a freelancer

Why Hire a Freelance Art Director from The Indie List

We have a thorough vetting process to ensure you receive the best freelancer art director candidates for the job. Our Indie Listers have a record of hands-on experience working within the marketing services sector. All freelancers have many years of experience in their field.

We also work fast,  greatly reducing the search time required. Our team can help you to hire a freelancer within a matter of weeks (and sometimes even days). We have a thorough understanding of the marketing services sector so we understand exactly what your company needs.

How It Works

We have an easy process to help you to find the best freelance art director:

Fill out a client brief. Don’t worry, it takes around 5 minutes to complete or book a call with us
We’ll search our database to match your requirements with our freelancers.
We’ll send over our shortlist of freelance art directors
You’ll get a chance to speak to your freelancer of choice and discuss the position
We will send through an agreement of finalised terms, payment, and schedule
Your freelancer will now be ready to start work

Hire the best freelance art directors by contacting The Indie List team today!

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