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Every business needs a copywriter. They play an essential role in the marketing of a business. A freelance copywriter will help your business to write persuasive copy to target your audience, build your brand, and close sales.

Build your brand, or your client’s brand, by hiring a professional freelance copywriter. At The Indie List, we take care of the recruitment process and help you to find the best freelance copywriter from our pool of experienced professionals. Whether you need someone for an interim period or one project, we will help you find the right fit for your team.

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The Role and Responsibilities of a Copywriter

A copywriter helps create the voice of a brand. They can develop all forms of marketing and advertising copy to help a business to attract potential leads for their brand. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities that a freelance copywriter will take on.

  • Developing an understanding of clients, their brand, and their target audience
  • Writing clear and engaging content for a company’s website or advertising material that is consistent with the company’s voice
  • Creating copy examples for a client and sending them to the client for approval
  • Editing and proofreading of final copy for clients to use on their advertising material
  • Analysing creative concepts and briefs and turning them into persuasive copy concepts
  • Researching a client’s competitors and information relating to a brand to create a wide range of engaging copy to be used across all marketing channels

How a Copywriter Can Benefit Your Agency

Good quality content can help your business grow. Copywriters create content to increase your social presence and improve ranking on search engines such as Google. You can’t just rely on any of your staff members to help you out with these specialised skills. Copywriters have a specific skill set and experience to market your business.

Hiring permanent staff comes with its own challenges. You’ll have to go through numerous applications and do background checks for a number of potential candidates. All of this takes time and money. When you use a platform like The Indie List, you already have a wide talent pool of experienced copywriters to choose from. A freelance copywriter is ready to start work as soon as possible. You can get them to edit and create copy for your business quickly so you can market your business across all channels and start finding new leads.

Permanent staff might not always be the best fit for a company. In these cases, hiring a freelancer can help you receive the help you need without being part of your fixed overheads. Choosing a freelance copywriter will provide you with the marketing copy your business needs, without the complicated task of having to recruit new permanent staff.

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Why Hire a Freelance Copywriter from The Indie List

Apart from our talented pool of freelancers, we pre-screen every freelancer. We make sure the freelance copywriter you choose has the experience, background, and skills needed for the job. You’ll receive many benefits when you hire our specialist team to help you find the right talent, including:

  • Peace of mind knowing you are hiring experienced freelancers who are specialists in their field
  • Finding the talent you need with our affordable rates
  • Our freelancers are usually ready to start work as soon as you are ready for them to start
  • We will take care of the payment process for you by paying the freelance directly

How It Works

Fill in a client brief  (which takes less than five minutes) or arrange a call to discuss your requirements. Once we have finalised the requirements with you, we will search our database for the best freelance copywriters and choose a shortlist of the top freelancers that match your business needs. You will get to speak to each freelancer and once you are happy with the freelance copywriter of your choice, we will draw up a simple contract if applicable. Your freelance copywriter will then be ready to start work!

If you are looking for skilled freelance copywriters for your business, contact our team today!

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