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Enhance your Digital Marketing expertise

We’ve launched a new collaboration with the Digital Marketing Institute to help Indie Listers avail of state-of-the-art training.

Talk to us and we’ll tell you about the 16 short courses and 4 pro level courses that you can avail of.

Invest in your Soft Skills

As part of our mission to help Indie Listers up their game when dealing with clients we’ve taken the initiative to set up a special deal for our community members with leaders in personal development, Irish Times Training. Details of 8 key courses on offer are in the relevant web page.

Save on Health, Home & Car Insurance

All of these are large but essential outlays for most freelancers. In an effort to reduce the costs involved we’ve partnered with two of the leading insurers, Laya Healthcare and, to bring you excellent coverage with a nice bonus Indie List discount.

Get Finance Fit

Tax, VAT, pensions, claimable expenses and dealing with Revenue are all things that bring the most savvy freelancer out in a rash. We’ve partnered with the leading accountancy specialists in the field, Contracting Plus, to help ease your financial headaches. Check the page to find out more.

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