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Over the past three years, we’ve noticed a growing demand for freelancers with digital skills. However, the digital landscape keeps evolving, making it challenging for companies to find and retain talent. Many businesses aren’t investing in training their marketing teams or hiring full-timers due to cost constraints. This presents a fantastic opportunity for freelancers with digital expertise.

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16 short courses and 4 pro-level courses – all certified

And for that reason, we are delighted to announce a collaboration with the highly-respected Digital Marketing Institute which will provide access to key digital training courses for Indie Listers at a very reduced cost.

DMI provides companies with more than 20 structured courses. These range from Search Marketing to Social Media and Digital Analytics to Email Marketing. Typical course lengths are:

• 4 Pro Level Courses: 30 Hrs
• 16 Short Courses: 6-12 Hrs
• 9+ Sprint Courses: 1-3 Hrs

Courses Fees include:

• Access to 1 Course
• 12 Months DMI Membership
• Access to 2000+ Resources
• 1 Certification Exam Voucher

Members of the Indie List can register for DMI Pro and Short Courses and significantly discounted fees.

Pro Course: €995 – Normally €1,790 / Short Course: €295 – Normally €395

Access to courses and resources are issued to Indie List members on a 12- month basis.

Membership can be renewed annually for just €150

Talk to Peter or Una and we’ll get you going.

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