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Hire Account Managers on Indie List

Looking to hire account managers for your agency or marketing team? You won’t regret it! An account manager can manage your clients and strengthen your relationships with them. The Indie List provides you with a platform to hire freelance professional account managers from our large talent pool.

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The Role and Responsibilities of an Account Manager

  • An account manager builds and retains a strong relationship with your clients
  • They handle all queries and questions from your clients and make sure clients are happy
  • Meeting with your clients and keep them informed on progress of projects
  • Liaising with key members of your team including creatives, media and planners
  • Finding new ways to improve your client relationship
  • Ensure effective communication takes place with your clients and partners

How an Account Manager Can Benefit Your Agency

  • An account manager ensures your clients are happy with your output,, leading to long-term partnerships and increased investments
  • They generate performance reports for your clients and managers, which allows effective communication and opportunities for account growth
  • Generate progress reports for your clients and management within your organisation
  • They can create customer relationship management and success by helping to maintain accurate records of the accounts they manage
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Hiring a freelancer will provide your agency with many of  the benefits that a full time account manager can bring, but without the lengthy recruitment and hiring process. A experience freelancer can hit the ground running and can help your agency to thrive from their first day. Freelancers will work when and where you need them to, so you will also have more flexibility with short or long term working contracts.

Why Hire an Account Management Freelancer from The Indie List

Our reliability is what makes our freelancers stand out. The Indie List does not use inexperienced candidates. We ensure our Indie Listers have experience in the role and duties your company needs. Our freelancers have several years of experience and know what they are doing. We know this because we carefully pre-screened and verified our talent. We also give you a chance to meet our freelancers before you begin work with them.

How It Works

All you have to do is fill out our simple client brief and let us know what you are looking for in a candidate. We will shortlist our talent and connect you with a number of account managers that are available and who meet your requirements. Once you are happy with your freelancer, we will send an agreement to the freelancer reflecting the work you need to be done and the fees they will be paid. Once the freelancer sends us an invoice, you will pay us within 14 days and then we will pay them for you.

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