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Learn the skills that will help you win more business with this exclusive Indie List offers!

As part of our on-going commitment to help members of The Indie List community to ‘learn’ as well as ‘earn’ and ‘connect’, we have agreed a special partnership with the respected business education provider, Irish Times Training.

They have delivered professional development programmes to a wide variety of clients for many decades and have a commitment to providing valuable, impactful skills programmes. Irish Times Training subject matter experts, with many years of industry experience, lead each course, sharing their expertise, insights and practical tools so that learners can grow and flourish.

This range of in-person courses are designed to enhance the essential soft-skills that every freelancer needs to win more and gain repeat business.

All of the hand-picked courses are provided to Indie List members at an attractive preferential rate to the normal pricing.

Browse the eight selected courses below, decide which one might be for you and then contact Peter McPartlin and we’ll tell you how to avail of this very special offer.)

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Certificate in Finance

Finance for Non-financial Managers

(CPD Accreditation available)The aim of the Finance for Non-Financial Managers course is to give those from a non-financial background the essential tools and knowledge to make informed, objective financial decisions. The course is presented in a non-technical fashion, designed for those with responsibility for managing budgets, who have limited or no financial background. Accounts and information sheets will be provided along with a contextual analysis of recent financial news and topical subjects.

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Effective negotiation skill

Securing negotiated agreements is fundamental to success in the business world. During this course, participants will study and practice the negotiation process; how to develop a negotiation strategy, bargain for agreement, close the deal and as a result strengthen their ability to secure lasting negotiated agreements.

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Communicating with Confidence

Maximising your time management skills

The aim of this interactive online course is to deepen participants’ appreciation of time as a resource to be proactively managed and leveraged so they can achieve personal and business objectives more efficiently and effectively.

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Certificate of Professional Business Writing

Presentation Skills

The Presentation Skills course will give participants the tools and techniques they need in order to prepare, practice and deliver impactful presentations to any audience. As well as learning what you should do, participants will also learn about the most common presentation pitfalls and how they can be avoided.

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CPD in Assertiveness

Assertiveness Skills

This course is designed to help participants to become a more assertive, better communicator and increase their confidence by understanding how and when to apply assertive behaviour in a professional environment.

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Influencing and Persuading Skills

Influencing & Persuading Skills

Participants on this course will learn about personality types, persuasive behavioural and communication techniques, gaining and retaining influence, overcoming objections and securing agreement. The course also looks at the science behind the art of influencing and persuading, and gives participants an opportunity to self-assess and practice their own skills in the classroom.

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Maximise Your Time Management

Communicating with Confidence

Communicating with Confidence is designed for people who need to communicate confidently and with authority while remaining calm under pressure in both professional and personal situations. You will learn to identify types of behaviour, strengthen your own position when faced with difficult conversations or situations, and establish boundaries.

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Professional Presentation Skills

Professional Business Writing Skills

This course supports participants in identifying the key features of effective business writing, to plan reader-friendly writing in a focused manner. A special focus of the course is on how to make key decisions in the writing process, the structure of emails and short documents, and how to write with greater confidence to target readers. Participants will gain a better understanding of creating professional communications, both within and outside of their organisation.

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