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Freelancing in a Downturn - our perspective

The daily media narrative around the war in Ukraine, crazy energy prices and rising interest rates is giving our collective confidence as a nation and as freelancers, a severe kicking. On the flip side, the Irish economy is one of the best in Europe, exports and employment levels are booming and a generous budget is on the way from the Government.

But bad news tends to prevail and is causing concern for many freelancers around their future work prospects. So, in an effort to provide a more balanced perspective on what might lie ahead we put this session together for our community on September 1st, 2022.

No rose-tinted specs, no doom-mongering, more a realistic view on the likely levels of hiring, the possible impact on freelancer rates and the skills most in demand.

In this Indie List 'Learn Over Lunch" session, we also offer some practical advice on putting yourself in danger of getting and staying in work.

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