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Here's 10 Essential New Year's Resolutions

At this time of the year all of us feel under pressure to 'get our act together' , our health, our career, our finances, our relationships. This is the month when most of us say, 'this time it will be different 'I will lose weight, drink and eat less, get back to the gym and be really focused on getting my career on track.'

But by taking care of yourself, you will have less stress and more to give to your relationships, your family and your job.

Here are 10 New Year's resolutions worth reading that can reboot your mental health and uplift your mood when work or career pressures throw a spanner in the works:

#1. Set Lifelines Instead Of Deadlines

#2. Extinguish Your 'Blame Thrower'

#3. Avoid Gobble, Gulp And Go

#4. Change Your Scenery

#5. Choose The Perspective Less Taken

#6. Reward Yourself

#7. Come Up For Air And Clear Your Head

#8. Send Distorted Thoughts Packing

#9. Make A To-Be List Alongside Your To-Do List

#10. Be Master Instead of Slave To Your Work

Read the full article on by Bryan Robinson, Ph.D. here

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