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Sarah Duran is a freelance project manager who helps freelancers, consultants and solopreneurs live up to their highest potential. In 2022, she launched her book, "Instant Freelancer", which provides a roadmap on how to build a lasting business for the new, experienced or 'wannabee' freelancer. It's a gem!

Sarah joined us Tuesday Oct 25th, to do an Indie List session designed to help freelancers reboot their new business strategy.

She shared her insights around 3 essentials:
* How to win clients - re-connecting and cultivating relationships from within your network
* How to master the discovery call - What information do you need to gather on that an initial client call?
* How to seal the deal with the proposal -The mix of science and art involved in a winning follow-up.

You can access the full deck from Sarah's presentation to The Indie List community here:

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