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Get your New Year off to a successful start

Use this month to prepare for a good start to the new year as a freelancer.

Here's a few tips to get started:

1. Enjoy the peace
Whether or not it is a conscious choice not to take on an assignment for a while, don't feel guilty or restless because you temporarily have less work to do.'Give yourself the rest and focus on the possibilities this period offers instead of looking at what you're missing.

For example, look back on the past year: what went well with your freelance business and what could be improved? What do you absolutely no longer want to do (in terms of assignments, client, activities, etc.) and what do you want to do? Write them down. What goals can you set to continue growing in the coming year?

2. Update your admin routine
By updating your administration, you also immediately evaluate the efficiency of your approach.'Can you work smarter, bill more accurately or faster?''Now is the time to experiment with new methods so that you can work at full efficiency later during a busy period.

3. Improve your online visibility
Update your LinkedIn profile and possibly breathe new life into other social media channels. But don't feel obliged to be present on all social media. 'It is usually more effective to choose one channel that you want to put time and effort into. 'Therefore, choose a platform that matches the services you provide. 'You are going to benefit more from an active Instagram account as a freelance designer than as a freelance comms planner.

Social media is the ideal way to communicate your story to the outside world, be it via blog, vlog or podcast. Photo and video often do well online and usually generate more interaction than text alone. Show that you are an expert in your field and make it easy for potential clients and other professionals to get in touch with you.

4. Make yourself known to clients
Letting former and potential new clients know that you are available for an assignment doesn't have to be that difficult at all. Simply send them an email with a clear and catchy message in which you make it clear that you are available and are still looking for work. Be original and send your previous clients a little something. Or just invite them for a coffee, they might find an informal conversation pleasant.

5. Expand your network
Sign up for a networking event for freelancers in your area or organize one yourself. Whether you opt for a breakfast session or an after-work drink, connecting with other freelancers is always useful. This also opens doors to new clients. This way you discover new tools that can help you maintain your company or you hear which companies are still looking for a specific profile.

6. Expand your knowledge
This period is also the ideal time to develop yourself, both personally and professionally. Immerse yourself in professional literature, follow webinars and improve your knowledge. Although development and self-development is continuous, these last weeks of 2022 are a good opportunity to work on yourself and your professional knowledge

7. Update your profile and availability on The Indie List
To be ready for the new year, it's also smart to keep your profile on The Indie List up to date. With a current and active profile you have a head start. Then what should you think about?

  • Start by updating your work experience and education in your profile.
  • Keep track of your hourly rate. Have you increased your rate due to inflation? It is good to implement this, so that you do not end up with difficult negotiations
  • Have you recently completed an interesting assignment? If so, ask your client for a review or reference.
  • Let us know your availability for the coming period. 
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