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Exploring the Benefits of Hiring Freelance Professionals

Have you ever used freelance professionals for your business? The Indie List provides companies with easy access to a huge variety of self employed specialists in marketing, strategy, creativity, e-commerce and digital. Clients and agencies can hire marketing freelancers on a project or long-term basis. What are the benefits of hiring professional freelancers?

Advantages of Hiring Freelancers   

If you are a small to medium sized business and have marketing requirements, what are some of the advantages of hiring freelancers? 

  • Cost-savings: Freelancers are not full-time employees, so you don't have to budget for overhead costs such as benefits, health insurance, training, leave, a dedicated workspace, or equipment. They use their own resources for the project while you receive the benefit of a unique skill set.
  • Fresh thinking: Hiring a freelancer is a great way to get a fresh approach to your marketing. Freelancers are not limited by a company's mindset. They bring an unbiased and a new perspective to your project.
  • Focused deliverables: Companies hire freelancers for their expertise in a specific field. The freelancer provides a focused deliverable based on your requirements and timelines as agreed at the outset of a project.  
  • Flexibility:  Hiring freelancers provides a flexible and scalable workforce that can be engaged on an on demand basis.
  • Speed and agility:  Freelancers can work quickly to help meet tight deadlines and deliver high quality work on time.
  • Specialist skills: Freelancers have specialist skills and expertise that may not be available in-house.

Concerns About Hiring Freelancers

What are your concerns about using freelancers? Yes, they have to take time to understand the company culture, but because freelancers work with different clients, they learn fast. 

Are you concerned about deadlines? The nature of freelancing is that you work with deadlines every day, and professionals learn to manage their schedules in order to complete the work as required. 

What about confidentiality and intellectual property rights? When you use The Indie List and sign off on a project brief, we encourage our clients and freelancers to sign a non-disclosure agreement that protects business-sensitive information. The intellectual property rights to work created transfer to the client once full payment has been received, unless rights to software, fonts, or images already exist with third parties. 

Unlocking Diverse Talent Pools   

Do you want people who bring unique skills and perspectives to your project? Would you prefer someone who spent years perfecting their craft? That is what freelancers offer you. You have access to diverse talent pools, and each person is uniquely selected for your project. The Indie List freelancers are pre-screened for their skills and experience on previous projects and have verified client references. They have worked with all types of businesses within the marketing services sector, and their average level of experience is six years, on top of at least ten years of agency or client-side work. 

When you work with us, you have access to advertising creatives, client services personnel, marketing consultants, digital marketing specialists, planners and strategists, as well as the creative services of photographers and specialist writers, to name a few.

Setting Realistic Freelance Expectations   

Clients should set realistic expectations when hiring a freelancer, contractor, or consultant. When you hire a professional through The Indie List, you liaise directly with them to discuss the scope of the work, related charges, and timetable.

Consistent and clear communication is the best way to manage expectations on both sides. It is important to us at The Indie List that freelancers are rewarded fairly and on time, so everyone should be clear on fees and the preferred payment method. Clients must provide clear deliverables and set realistic deadlines, while both parties agree on the preferred communication method and work hours. 

We know your time is invaluable. That is why we seek to match experienced, resourceful, and motivated freelancers with serious clients. The Indie List is trusted by Enterprise Ireland, Kerry Group, and Droga5 for freelance professionals. Contact us today to discuss your needs. 

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