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The Indie List Launches AI-Powered Customer Service

The Indie List has announced that the launch of "ChatGPT," a new AI-driven customer service assistant. This innovative technology will help enterprises to find the best freelance marketing, creative and digital talent in Ireland.

Inspired by the latest advances in AI and HR tech, "ChatGPT" was developed by The Indie List founders, Peter McPartlin and Una Herlihy, in conjunction with Professor Olaf Pirlo, a leading innovator in the areas of machine learning and robotics. With "ChatGPT," The Indie List aims to revolutionise the way agencies and businesses find and hire expert freelance talent.

"ChatGPT" utilises advanced machine learning and natural language processing techniques, coupled with a human-like assistant to provide a highly personalised experience for each client. 'Using "ChatGPT," businesses can expect to find the perfect freelance talent for their projects quickly and easily.

"Using the Irish word for 'talk', we are thrilled to be launching 'ChatGPT' and to be at the forefront of AI-driven HR technology," said Peter McPartlin, co-founder of The Indie List. "We believe that 'ChatGPT' will be a game-changer for the marketing and creative industries in Ireland, and raise the bar for talent discovery."

Una Herlihy, co-founder of The Indie List, added, "Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for businesses to find the right freelance talent for their projects. The investment we've made in 'ChatGPT,' is designed to help us scale the business internationally.' The Indie List's "ChatGPT" will be available to clients from April 2nd, 2023.

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