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The Indie List receives global recognition

The Indie List has been recognised with the first global award for its work on behalf of clients and freelancers. The 'Trusted Platform Partner Award' was awarded by Open Assembly and the Centre for the Transformation of Work (CTW) at an event in Dublin on March 23rd, 2023.

The T2P Award, as it is known, was developed to help guide clients in selecting the right marketplace that can be trusted to provide what they promise: qualified, experienced, legally compliant, professional, freelancers who can do what they claim.

According to Jon Younger, director of Open Assembly and worldwide authority on the freelance movement: 'Companies need to trust that freelancers' skills are representing accurately, and trust talent marketplaces to operate professionally. The Indie List had to pass 13 key criteria with their clients to receive this accolade and I could not be more delighted for Una and Peter as the first recipients of it.'

According to Indie List co-founder, Una Herlihy, 'It's great to put Ireland on the freelance revolution map with this award but really it's a testament to our freelancers and our clients who hire them from us.'

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