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Therese Wright is one of our most talented and experienced freelance graphic designers with over 20 years working across most sectors including Pharma, Music, Hospitality, FMCG, Banking, Real Estate and more. Here she gives her own perspective on the benefits of freelancers working together and "hunting in packs."

At the recent Indie List event titled 'Winter is Coming' aimed to prepare freelancers for a possible downturn, co-founder, Una Herlihy, suggested some of us 'buddy up'. I thought, of course, that makes sense; by putting two great things together, they become greater than the sum of their two parts.

Think tea and chocolate or gin and tonic - it's just simple chemistry. Even some celebrity couples stay together as their worth is greater together. The same principle applies to a team of freelancers, we are greater in numbers.

It also made me think back to 2004 when I had an office in town. I had two designers working with me, but we lacked some of what clients needed. We decided for our next office move we should team up. We got lucky and a warehouse became available on Sir John Rogerson's Quay. We knew the advertising agency moving in and there were two free rooms for us to set up with them. I then not only had direct access to a copywriter, strategist and more but our perceived value rose; not to mention that we had one of the coolest offices in Dublin before cool offices were a thing. The valuable thing was that when a client needed X, Y and Z and previously when I could only offer X, we had Y and Z right there. Furthermore, we could easily call someone in on meetings which helped us overdeliver. Our new setup was both fun and inspiring.

After a number of years, I took a break from my company, Pink Design. I'd both recommend it and not recommend it. After being away from the industry it was hard getting back into it. There had been years of me wishing I could slow down, but we all know what they say about wishing' be careful what you wish for.

Last year when I decided to throw myself back into the industry I realised how much had changed. I studied UX Design and learned how to design websites too. Work rolled my way, both from my own clients and from The Indie List (thanks as always guys!!). These days I work more by myself, but think now more than ever it's important to have 'buddies' out there, so I never need to say 'No' to work.

I find clients simply want easy lives, so if that means I have to call in other freelancers, it's a win/win all around. For me, collaborating or 'Buddying up' means it's possible to get more work.

So if you're a freelancer and looking for a broader scope of work, perhaps consider 'Buddying up'. Think about who you might have good chemistry with, or with whom the sum of your two parts is greater together. Network with other freelancers, LinkedIn / Link In with me and remember... 1+1=3.

"My name is Therese Wright. I specialise in branding and websites.

Whether you're a client or looking to 'Buddy up' I'd love to hear from you.

Check out my website or contact me on LinkedIn at "

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